Does your website need a face lift? Sometimes it’s hard to know when to tweak little things on your website here and there, and when to pull the trigger on rebuilding it from scratch. How do you know which to choose? Here are some questions to ask yourself before you take the plunge.

Sometimes whether you need a new website or not is a no-brainer. Sometimes, it’s not so easy to figure out. Here are two of the top reasons you should press pause and hold off on your website redesign:

Reasons not to get a re-design:

  • You’re bored. We get it. We really do! Boredom with your current website (or websiteboredomitis) is a very real thing that afflicts lots of businesses. However, if your website is performing well, bringing in a steady flow of leads, reflects your brand accurately, functions, and is up to date, boredom isn’t a good reason to change it. It may change the impact of your SEO (in a bad way), the effectiveness of your lead-generation, and it can come with a pretty hefty price tag. If your website works efficiently and is up-to-date, don’t change your website. Your resources are better spent elsewhere.
  • You changed your mind. Sometimes you’re presented with several options that result in you second-guessing your initial choice. Should you have gone with the light teal or the sea foam green for your sub headers? Answer: whatever you already picked. Once again, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. You’ll risk wasting precious money, time, and resources. Invest your energy somewhere that’ll help your bottom line.

It boils down to this: does your site work well for all devices? Is it up to date/relevant? Great! Sit back and watch it do its job and make you money.

Now that you know what makes a bad reason to get a website redesign, here are some signs you should take that next step towards a re-design.

Reasons to get a complete re-design:

  • Is your website older than 3 years? If you answered “yes” to this question, chances are pretty good that your website isn’t in optimal condition. Technology and trends change at the speed of sound, and 3 years is the equivalent of 10 years in internet time. It’s important for your website to be fully relevant and modern in order for you to keep up with competitors. New functions and micro experiences are being added to websites every day, and if your website looks like it’s from the dark ages, people will notice.
  • Does your website function well on mobile devices? It’s incredibly important for your website to have a user-friendly interface for smartphones and tablets. After all, 4 out of 5 people use their smartphones to make online purchases! Don’t believe me? Check this out.
  • Does your website agree with your brand identity and target market? If your branding has changed at all since your website was last updated, it might be time for a redesign. Your brand should be consistent across every channel (every color and font, etc.), and if there’s anything outdated about the branding on your current site, you should update it ASAP. The look and feel of your brand should be built around your target market, and that should be reflected on your website. If you’re a geriatrics clinic and your website doesn’t cater to baby boomers and the silent generation, you’ve missed the mark. Your website must be attractive to your target market, whoever they are.
  • Can your website compete with your business competition? Are you an online clothing company with a long checkout process? Have your competitors found a better way to streamline checkouts? It’s time to get back to the grind, and make sure your website keeps up with current expectations in your field.
  • Is your website bringing in consistent business? If it is, great! You’ve done something right, and your website is working for you. But if your stats are low, your leads aren’t generating, and business has quieted considerably, it might be time to look into exactly why that happened. Often, it’s because your website isn’t doing it’s job. A website needs to do a few things for it to be considered profitable, rather than a deterrent against your business.

You’ve worked hard to build your business, and you’ve invested countless hours and dollars into it. In order for all of your hard work not to go to waste, you need a functional, visually appealing website that highlights what you do. In order to keep your business alive (much less build and advance it), an optimized website is a must. If your website fails, you will too. Spend some time today auditing your website, finding out what works and what doesn’t. If there’s a problem, you know who to call. Happy auditing!