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A great video can speak volumes to your market and so can a bad one.  We have so much fun when we’re filming and editing videos for our clients that we know can help give them a big boost.  Most recently, we just finished post production on a short (60 second) video for our client, Purselley Pool & Spa.  It’s a quick look at their core services and what some of their existing customers have to say about them.  They have an excellent reputation in DFW, so finding customers to talk about them was a breeze.

This testimonial style video is becoming more of a staple for use on company’s websites and/or YouTube pages that adds credibility to the company behind the marketing. Testimonial videos help companies display their brand message in a visually compelling way and offer potential customers insight into core philosophies and values.

These videos can help you get a leg up on your competition, but only if they’re planned and executed well.  A poorly made video can do the opposite and give customers the wrong impression of what your brand can do for them.  But they can be funny to watch!  If you’ve seen any poorly made videos recently, we’d love to see them.  Please post below or tweet us!

– Team Anchor