If you’re anything like me, then being prepared doesn’t come easily to you. Every morning when I leave for work, I grab my bag and get in the car. I never check to see if I brought what I needed because, I don’t think about it until I get to work. Almost like magic, everything I need is there. That magic, is being prepared.

I know myself and the zombie-like state I am in during the morning, so every night I put everything in my bag that I’ll need in the morning. When it comes to work I do the same kind of preparation.

Being prepared, means laying the groundwork to do the work your future self needs to do, not the work your future self has to do. It’s like a personal assist you give yourself to make a slam-dunk! *SPORTS*

When you prepare you’re allowing yourself to work openly and creatively. You get to actually take the time you need to produce something amazing and timely.

I’ve talked before about how planning is your BFF when it comes to producing a video and the same applies when you prepare for the future. Except in this case, when you are prepared, you become your own best friend.

-Ricky Anderson II