The perception is that the role of marketing is such a well thought out and strategic process that it can fly alone in its success.


I’ve been a professional marketer my entire working career and I can tell you with complete confidence that when clients are successful as a result of a campaign we’ve developed, I can only take partial credit for my involvement.  The truth is that it takes a strategic mind to pick and place marketing collateral, but the success of the execution is in the creative work.

Building a campaign is such a fun process.  My primary role in the process is to build facts and bring them to the table so that we can find a creative way to effect the target market.  Certain markets are targeted over and over and if you don’t find a way to creatively differentiate your client from all of the advertising clutter; you’ll become a part of it.

That’s why I’m so grateful to our creative team.  Our team realizes that it’s not just about being a little better than the competition, it’s about completely standing apart from them.  When you have the right company pushing a creatively relevant campaign, you have no competition.  Having no competition means you can dominate the market and that’s what we aim to accomplish with each campaign.

Remember:  While the right marketing sets up the facts right, the way to pull off greatness is through true creativity – and I’ve got a creative team that consistently makes me look good.  For that, I am truly appreciative.

-BJ Caldwell