What is the message that is being used in your marketing collateral?  Are you telling people what you or your company is or does? Or are you using generic fluff terms to try to connect with your audience?


Fluff is a term that refers to ambiguous words that are intended to impress your viewers.  Here is a restaurant example:

“Expect to have an exceptional dinner experience with our dining staff who always strives to astound our customers with an unexpected and unparalleled level of service.”

Wow.  I am impressed. But wait, the logical thinker in me has questions. Can I call up your employees in the middle of the night to astound me with their level of service?  Does this mean that I will get a song and a dance when my food is delivered to my table?  Are you calling your employees exceptional because they are or because you are selling me something?  What makes an employee exceptional anyway?

For a long time, the world of marketing (and sales) relied on sentences like these to convince people to buy their products. However, today’s evolving consumer wants more. To be specific, they want specifics!

So, how could the sentence above be better?  What can we say that will specifically appeal to the audience?  I have some ideas of my own, but I listen to myself think all day long. I want to hear from you. How can we cut the fluff and structure our marketing sentences so that they’re simplified and more direct?

Leave comments regarding how you think fluff can begin its exit strategy from the world of marketing.

P.S. here is a start from The Next Web who wrote an article entitled 5 weak words copywriters and bloggers should avoid (and what to use instead).

– BJ Caldwell