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noun: teacher; plural noun: teachers
a person who teaches, especially in a school.

My friend Linda Barsi made a video last year talking about finding your teachers. In the video she talks about how when you are learning things on your own, “You get to create a syllabus of people who teach you.”

For me, one of my teachers has been Craig Benzine from WheezyWaiter. Craig is a video creator on Youtube and his video blogs are one of my favorite to watch. His videos are incredibly engaging and he always finds a way to make the simplest video amazingly complicated. He’s taught me to look at my videos complexly. To see what else I can add to make my videos to make a simple idea complex and fun.

Finding your teachers are important because, as I’ve said before, there is always more that we can be learning and the more we learn, the most unstoppable we become. I’ve accumulated many teachers over the years, all who have taught me to look at things differently, to get messy, and never stop learning. Who are your teachers? Who are the people who have taught you outside of school?

-Ricky Anderson II