“It’s a funny thing, the more I practice the luckier I get!” – Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer is generally revered as one of the best golfers in history and even earned the nickname “The King” on the course.  Although he claims “luck” in the quote above, I assure you that it is the practice part that made him “lucky”.

I once experienced this type of luck on the golf course.  In high school, I practiced hard and worked my way down to being nearly a scratch golfer (for those unaware with the term, it means that I would average a par for the course [also known as a 0 handicap]).  I played and practiced golf every day.  I put the ball in the rough 40 yards away and practiced getting the ball on the green.  Sometimes I would get lucky enough to put the ball near the hole from such a difficult position.

One day, in tournament play, I found myself in the rough on a hillside about 40 yards away from the pin.  Remembering my practice, I took my stance and put my smoothest swing on the ball.  To my amazement, not only did the ball find its way to the green, it dropped in the hole!  It was a moment I’ll never forget.  I like to think that, although there was certainly an element of luck, I had practiced that shot so many times it was bound to fall at some point!

The same logic can be applied to anything you’re passionate about.  For instance, I’m passionate about seeing our clients grow and become successful.  I don’t sit around hoping that it will happen, but rather, I consult our clients, I study them, I research their competition, and I practice (very hard) at doing my part to make them successful.  I know that the more I practice, and the more our agency practices, the luckier our clients will become.

As we celebrate the luck of the Irish this month, let’s also remember where luck typically stems from.  Practice doesn’t always make perfect, but to pay tribute to another one of my favorite quotes:  “I’d rather be lucky than good any day.”

I hope March is lucky for all of you, but especially to my wife (who’s birthday it is today!)

-BJ Caldwell