horror copy

In the world of website development, there are websites out there that reflect some of the scariest horror based characters around.  From websites that have been pieced together over the years to websites that have gone stale, each one can be a different monster.  Haunted websites are sites that need some help to get back on track.

Frankenstein Site

I like to think of the Frankenstein website as the one that comes from many different sources.  The content doesn’t flow right, the information isn’t up to date and the aesthetics don’t match the company image.  This monster of a site has been pieced together throughout the years, perhaps by different company employees, in order to try to keep the site up to date…but it just doesn’t cut it.

It’s probably time to throw in the towel and call an expert.  By starting from scratch, you can build a foundation for you site so that the structure is never compromised, even though your company will continue to evolve.

Zombie Site

Some websites are coming to us from beyond the grave.  In a zombie horror movie, zombies are not immediately identified as being undead.  In fact, it seems that even loved ones think that the person is still alive.  This can often be true with websites.  Your site may look good on the surface, but broken links, subscriptions that are not renewed, server upgrades, etc. can cause permanent errors to your website that turn it into a scary monster and scare your customers away.

Don’t let your site turn into the undead.  Keep an eye on it on a regular basis and make sure you are staying up on technologies and trends that can propel your business opportunities.

Werewolf Site

OOoooOOooooooohhhh!!!!  So you think your website works?  Think again.  Did you know that there are horror movie like browsers out there like Internet Explorer that seem to vary with compatibility issues with every new version they release?  Your website can work pixel perfectly in FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera, but once the full moon (Internet Explorer) comes out, your website turns into a hairy monster!

Internet Explorer isn’t going to break every site, every time, but they have a reputation for not being very compatible.  Make sure you have a developer who is trained in troubleshooting for all browsers…including the Werewolf browser.

Vampire Site

They have a cult following, but with websites that might just mean that you have a lot of different people working on your site.  We refer to a vampire website as a site that drains your company of all of its money.  You may have hired multiple SEO companies who promised placement and didn’t deliver or you may be paying an agency to keep your website up to date but they’re not updating the right information.  If they aren’t analyzing and optimizing your website flow, they’re not helping to drive sales through your website and are therefore bleeding you dry.

Don’t stay out too late and run into this scary vampire monster!  Interview thoroughly and make sure you partner with an agency who has your interests and goals in front of their own.

As you can see, there are many scary monsters that websites can turn into.  Keep yours updated and in the right hands and you can wind up like Jamie Lee Curtis…alive at the end of the movie!

If you have a scary monster website, we’d love to help you out.  Give us a shout by clicking “Connect” or grabbing us on Facebook or Twitter.

– BJ Caldwell