This week, Anchor posted this quote by Gary Vaynerchuk.  His quote resonated with me, because being and remaining valuable to our clients is something that I strive for.

Naturally, most people start out relationships with their best foot forward, wanting impress a new client.  The honeymoon phase is a blissful flow of creative ideas and positive pat-on-the-back meetings, and creatives really thrive off of that energy.  BUT, once the work gets familiar or there are a few bumps in the road, many people lose interest, and the thrill of landing a new account fades.  That’s where trouble arises.  Customers begin to feel the dry, unenthusiastic solutions showing up in their work, where it once was plentiful and flourishing.

How is that avoided?  For me, it’s understanding what and who the client is, and educating them about what we do as an agency.  It’s not about winning a client, and it’s not even about design, video, websites or advertising, in the beginning.  It’s about cultivating, building and nurturing relationships.  The services part is securely and confidently under our belt, but an ongoing conversation with our clients is what develops trust.

A deep passion drives our team to “always have something to give”, and I’m extremely proud of that.  We are constantly working to increase our knowledge in every aspect of our business, and to pass that along, adding measurable value to our clients and their businesses.  It’s what makes us tick.  It’s not because they ask or even pay more, but because our clients are just as important and exciting on year 5 as they were on day 1, and our goal for them is success.  Our knowledge is their gain, and we see it that way, because our job is to solve problems, not to just be creative.

Don’t let your customers run away because the honeymoon is over.  You have the power to make it passionate throughout the whole relationship, with plenty to give!

Amber Caldwell