[one_fourth_last] Do you want to team up with a creative agency? If you agree with the following, you’re ready!

#1 A great creative partner will dig deep for a complete understanding of your business to improve communication in order to reach the goals you desire, and it will take time. Open conversations will take place where hard questions will be asked and suggestions made for new directions that may make you uncomfortable. You will be a part of a team that will help make decisions for your business.

#2 Approach your creative team with obstacles and questions. When you ask them to help you solve problems, it is the ultimate inspiration for creative brains! Insisting that your “team” do exactly what you want, really makes them a vendor rather than a creative partner.

#3 Entering into a relationship with a creative agency after choosing them out of a handful of other agencies must mean you have absolute trust in them. You’ve considered all of your options and came to the conclusion that these are your peeps! Sit back and let them go to town for you!

#4 Give input and be willing to listen and see other perspectives. Being a member of the team is just that: a team. “Pulling rank” and making separate decisions without your new creative partner, wastes money and valuable time. These are some of the most important keys to a successful relationship with an agency. If you think you’re ready, congratulations! Your business can be taken to the next level with the right creative partner!

-Team Anchor

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