VidCon was such an amazing experience! As I stated in my previous blog post, my favorite part about VidCon is being able to see and connect to my online community of friends. This year, not only was I able to do that, but I was able to notice why I love my online friends so much and what can be the key to making stronger relationships.

To borrow a phrase from John Green, we are able to “Imagine others complexly.”

What this means is that we don’t just see each other as video makers, or as fans of shows, but we see each other as ourselves; as people with wishes, hopes, and dreams. When you are imagining others complexly, you’re able to have conversations you would never have had otherwise because you are no longer only seeing others as one dimensional. I had some of the best conversations I’ve had all year at VidCon because the people I was surrounded by imagined others complexly.

Look at your relationships both personal and professional. Do you see these people as a means to an end? Do you see these people as their current circumstances? You may surprise yourself as how often you do this, but if you challenge yourself to imagine others complexly, you will open yourself up to knowing and being around some of the best of people.

-Ricky Anderson II