Inbound Digital Marketing

Why would a company need or use inbound digital marketing?  Traditional marketing is interrupting whereas inbound flips that concept on its head by giving the power to the consumer.

Let’s face it, this internet thing is probably here to stay (he wrote sarcastically).  We’re living in an On-Demand society where trends are moving towards buying things on Amazon Prime instead of walking into a store, getting topical news from social media and having dinner brought to your doorstep with a few touches of a smartphone.

Inbound Marketing not only cuts through the digital clutter; it provides a way to get in front of the customer precisely when they’re looking for someone like you.  There are things you can do today to start driving and converting more leads online.  Here are a few ways of getting the right traffic to your site.


1. Content

Blogging Content
Blogs are a great way to get information out there.  They’re also a great way to connect with your audience.  But they’re ALSO a form of search marketing.  Relevant content can be rewarded with higher rankings in search engine results.  Higher organic rankings means inbound (and unsolicited) traffic to your blog.  You probably already have content related to your business so find good new ways to recycle that to help build that traffic!

Social Media Content
The first step is to monitor your social networks.  Take a few minutes and look around.  Find a few consumers out there and see what types of posts they are engaging.  This is an opportunity to build relationships with these folks.  Share interests, connect with them and engage them with content that is educational and relevant.

Fun Fact:  Only 44% of B2B and 39% of B2C companies have a documented content strategy.

2. Website

“Hey, I have one of those”.  Great.  There may be some things inbound digital marketing can help to increase relevant traffic.

You want to attract consumers to your site and one of the best ways to do that is to have a website that is search engine friendly.  That means, the great content that you are using on your site is what will show up when consumers are searching for identified terms and topics.  You might want to create some landing pages for those to increase the relevancy of the page topic.

Create an Offer
What can you offer consumers that others won’t or can’t?  Is it a specialized video, case study on results, whitepaper, infographic, webinar, slideshare deck or whatever else you can think of.  Use some content that’s great that your market would be chomping at the bit to get.

Create a Landing Page
Now that you have your content, build a landing page around it.  You want your consumer to have that awesome piece of collateral you decided upon above but you want to make some type of exchange.  Get their information!  Your market will be willing to give you certain private information (think name, phone, email) in order to get your great content!  This always reminds me of that great line from Good Will Hunting, “You like apples?. [response] Yeah. [end response]  Well I got her number, how do you like them apples?” 


Fun Fact:  Companies with 30 or more landing pages generate 7 times more leads than companies that have less than 10 landing pages

3. Email

Since consumers don’t want to be sold to, the best thing you can do is to educate your market.  Keep recycling your great content and use it to enlighten others.  You’ll increase your credibility with your mailing lists and can become a bigger resource for those willing to buy what you’re selling.  This also creates a solid foundation on which to build and carry out relationships.

Nurture Relationships
Not many folks are willing to buy from a stranger, so try not to be one!  People don’t like when their door is knocked on unexpectedly and in today’s world, not many people are buying from these door-to-door salesman.  They want to be in control of their buying behavior so let them!  Hold their hand and help them understand, through a series of communications, why their educated decision matches perfectly with what you’re offering.

Inbound Digital Marketing is all about filling the spectrum of creating and nurturing relationships with your consumer.  From the first site visit to the final email, you can walk with them on their buyer journey of your marketing & sales funnel.  If some of this is new information to you and you haven’t implemented these strategies yet…


If you need some help, give us a shout.  We do this every day.