[one_fourth_last] Sure, you have awesome, rainbow word-art capabilities on your version of Word, and yes, maybe the neighbor kid just got Photoshop, and will work for pizza, but please, for the sake of your company and brand, leave design up to the professionals!

“Good design goes to heaven; bad design goes everywhere.” – Mieke Gerritzen

It takes more than Photoshop and a couple of design classes to approach the sensitive and valuable stake of a brand.  Experience and an in-depth knowledge of this approach is needed, because great companies know that every move is an investment.  Why would design be any different?

Take the Make-A-Wish Foundation®.  They have a well-established, widely-known, national brand.  For their event coming up this fall, they wanted a fun, friendly, vintage carnival theme.  Simple, right?  Not exactly.  They have a brand that needs to be protected and understood, before the creative process begins.  Staying within their brand guidelines, first, and creating a look for an event, second.

That takes us to the beginning of Anchor’s visual process: a font and color study.  To evoke a vintage feel while also staying within the established brand guide, we have to do our research.  On the left, you see at the top is a collage of carnival posters and on the bottom, a peek at one of the designs for the Make-A-Wish event.  Our study of both type choices and palette is important:  To the brand, because it’s required that their brand color is utilized, and to the event, because an authentic look and feel is needed for a high-dollar fund-raising event, and it all starts with design.

Serious brands invest in a pro, and a pro knows how each aspect, however seemingly small, will add to the value of your brand.

-Amber Caldwell