What if there was a useful, FREE business tool to help you connect with your customers? Seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, many people don’t take advantage of its benefits, but you could today!

What is this magic tool? Blogging.

Blogging is a way to casually talk to your audience in a friendly, non-sales voice about your company, your expertise and the latest industry news, and for them to reply back! It allows you to tell a compelling story without all of the industry buzz words and fluff, creating an authentic voice and feel to your company.

Start your blogging strategy and schedule today. We’ve already outlined some of the most popular reasons that people don’t blog, and why they should not be excuses!

It’s a busy world, we know. It’s worth 15 minutes of your day to think of just 4 topics that are important to your customers. And guess what? That could be a months worth of blogs! Then, taking just 20-30 minutes out of your day to begin writing and expanding on that topic, you have your first blog post! Not only do you have a blog post, you have material to share on your social media channels, which is also a time-saver! And it’s FREE.

Have you ever had to write an email, walking a customer through a product or service to help them understand? A blog post is basically the same thing. It’s a casual platform to open up and talk to customers and potential customers to inform and educate them about you! And it’s FREE.

There doesn’t need to be breaking news to share 100% of the time. Some of your customers may not realize everything you or your company offer, so guess what? It’s news to them! You can share about new hires, new offers, internal happenings, and anything you know that you do better than your competition. Did we mention it’s FREE?

No matter your industry, blogging can help you grow your audience, increase your website traffic, and become an authority or industry thought leader!

If you have any other excuses you need us to debunk, we’ll be happy to help! Seriously, let’s have a blog consultation.

-Team Anchor