[one_fourth_last] “Before we learn to create, we must learn to learn.”
Stephen McCranie

When I graduated college, I remember thinking I had “arrived” at knowledge. I felt like my diploma represented me having acquired all the knowledge I would ever need to know and all I need was a little more experience and I would be unstoppable.

Over the years I’ve learned that continual learning is actually what makes you unstoppable.

When you are fixed on the idea that you know all there is to know about your area of work you get stuck. I consider myself to be a really good editor, but I also know there is more that I can learn. The more I learn, the more I practice, the more I practice the stronger my skills get. Learning is useful even outside of your particular field of work as well.

A while ago I studied ASL sign language because I really wanted to study a second language that made sense to me. The interesting thing about sign language is that each sign has an origin story to the action that represents words. This amazed me and because of me studying sign language, I’ve been able to broaden my scope of thinking. If I run into an obstacle, instead of getting frustrated with it, I often find myself looking back at how and why the problem I’m facing functions.

Educational institutions set up a structure for you to learn new subjects and competencies, but just because those structures are no longer in place doesn’t mean that you have to stop learning. Learning allows you explore new ideas, see new points of view, but more importantly it allows you to diversify your way of thinking.

-Ricky Anderson II