In March, Periscope was purchased by Twitter for $100 Million and relaunched. Currently, the Periscope app is available for iPhone and Android. You may have heard of it already but have you tried it yourself? It can be a terrific tool for personal and business use – check out a few tips on how Periscope can benefit your life.


What is Periscope? A live video stream of whatever you want.

How can I use Periscope for personal gain? It can go anywhere with you!  One great example that I’ve experienced happened in the beginning of June when my wife and I were unable to attend our niece’s 8th grade graduation in California.  Thanks to Periscope, my brother-in-law provided two separate live feeds: one live feed for when our niece’s name was called and one live feed for when she delivered her impeccable speech.

How can I use Periscope for business? Just like personal use, you can take it anywhere you have a connection.  Periscope gives smart phone owners an opportunity to be their own reporter and send live information into the world.  You can interview your CEO, talk about what you’re working on, or tease behind the scenes footage.

What else is cool about Periscope? It’s interactive!  Viewers can jump on from around the world and start sending text based feedback.  They can help interview you or contribute to your live stream.

Who should I follow? Southwest Airlines is doing it very well right now – giving behind the scenes looks at company operations that you normally would never see.

Have you tried Periscope?  How do you like it?