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History has taught me that the more you plan for a video the better the video will be.

Because, fun fact: A 5 minute video does not take 5 minutes to produce.

When I am approached with a video project before I say, LET’S DO THIS THING, I have to think about everything I need to prepare for the project. EVERY. THING. Because in my lifetime I’ve created well over 200 videos, experience allows me to know what questions to ask. Here are just a few of the many components of a production that need to be taken into consideration.

-How long is it going to take to record the whole project? (better to have more time, than less)
-How long will it take to set up all of the equipment? (it takes longer than you may think)
-Will your actors have their lines memorized? (If not, you may want to wait for recording)
-What is the turn around for the whole project? (Know when you will have the project done)

In addition to some of those it is vital that you always prepare for mistakes to be made. Your actors will make mistakes, you will make mistakes, and your environment will make mistakes. Plan for these mistakes to happen, otherwise you will run behind schedule instead of ahead.

I promise that if you plan really well for your production you will have a significantly better video.

– Ricky Anderson II