You have a product or service that’s important and valuable, and that could change your customers’ lives, but how do you capture them, rather than put them to sleep?

Hpugere are 3 ways you can keep the drool off of your conference table:

Animated Video

Animated video is a great way to convey a complex message into a quick, easily digestible concept that your customers and/or employees will eat up!  It’s a non-threatening, unintimidating medium that says to your customer, “It’s just that easy!”, while still educating and demonstrating your important message, with motion.  The best part about it is, it can reflect your brand, culture and values without you and your staff enrolling into acting classes.

“An intellectual says a simple thing  in a hard way. An artist says a hard  thing in a simple way.”
—Charles Bukowski

HOW? We take your big idea and really get nerdy with it, getting to know it like the back of our hands, to create a simple, yet informative message that will resonate with your customers.  Next, we explore a spot-on art direction and develop a comprehensive storyboard to tell your story.  Lastly, we add motion, music and voice talent, to create your engaging presentation.

An animated video has endless marketing possibilities, perfect for your website, social media and blog.


Not ready to give up on your dreams of Hollywood stardom just yet?  We understand.  You might give infographics a spin (right after we get your autograph).

Infographics are basically illustrated bulletpoints that add interest with graphics or photographs.  It’s a static way to tell your story that isn’t routine or sleep-inducing.

HOW? The process is very similar to a video.  We get just as nerdy and dive into your message, and just as creative with the art direction, but there’s no need for motion, music, and voice talent.  It’s also printable but a small enough file size to email, so that you won’t compromise your customers’ inbox. (Yeah, we think of that kind of stuff too.)

Animated Video + Infographics

Did we just totally blow your mind?  We thought so.

This approach is a strategic way to create a sort of campaign out of your message.  We take both of these mediums to really hit it home, by first, creating an infographic that serves as a hook, and then animating it to give your customer the one-two punch!

HOW? Think of the infographic like a teaser that intrigues your audience and leaves them wanting more.  Then, we deliver the animated video that goes more in depth, that looks and feels like the infographic but utilizes engaging video.  Smart!

Don’t let your important message fall on sleeping ears!  Be engaging and memorable! Let’s get nerdy together and create something your customers (and conference table) will really appreciate.