Are you engaging with your customers or potential customers on a personal level? Most business owners don’t have the time (or miles) to visit each client as much as they might like to. Yet, it’s still possible to give them the insight that gives you a leg up on your competitors with video marketing.

Video marketing is an excellent way to show your audience exactly what it is your company does best. It’s a chance to expand on a product or service that you provide that is much more interesting than just the verbiage on your website.

There are a few types of videos that are great for this purpose. Here are a few types:

An explainer video is a brief video that simply conveys to your customer exactly what your product or service can do for them or a problem that it solves. It can be used to describe what your company does in a nutshell or it can focus on a single area.

Webinar videos are a great way to extend training and other important company-wide information. Whether it be a fancy new mobile app or a new protocol for customer service, a webinar video can be a useful way to ensure a concise message.

A testimonial video is exactly what it sounds like. You get great feedback from your clients and even your employees, so why not get that on video to show potential clients or brag to your competitors? Testimonial videos let your audience see your clients describe your company in their words and that’s pretty powerful!

An animation can convey your message in a friendly, casual manner. Even the most sleep-inducing subjects become much more palatable and dare we say, fun, to watch!

Spice up your website, blog or next newsletter with a video that truly speaks to your brand!

-Team Anchor