Websites are essential to business.
Many consumers judge whether or not they want your product or service based on your website. It’s important to keep it up-to-date and relevant. Here are some key steps to help you knock the dust off of your site:

Current Content
Is the information on your site correct? Very important information could be missing from your site, simply because it’s been overlooked:
• Have your hours changed?
• Do you have new seasonal items?
• Are new terms and policies in place?
• Is your contact information correct?

Functional Functionality
Updates take place almost daily on search engines and other sites. It’s important that your Spring Cleaning checklist includes all of your website functionality:
• Are links on your site still active?
• Does your site still work properly with all browsers?
• Does your contact form work?

Design Duty
Make sure that your site represents what you look like today:
• Do you have a new logo or color scheme that is still not on your site?
• Do you have new photographs to give your site a facelift?
• Do you have irrelevant pages that are cluttering your navigation?

Don’t miss out on site conversions because of these easily preventable maintenance issues. Give your site a thorough Spring Cleaning so that you remain relevant!

– Team Anchor