I joined Anchor Marketing & Design one year ago as a nervous, excited little copywriting intern. I’d never interned with a marketing agency before, but I had spent hours pouring over all kinds of articles titled “how to be a copywriter” and watched approximately 3,000 youtube videos along those same lines. I was so ready to get out there and prove myself.


Well, I must’ve done something right, because my bosses kept extending my contract. Somewhere along the line they started calling me “the machine” (and I’m 90% sure they mean it in a good way). #sitdown #behumble. Here I am, one year later, a real employee and part of the Anchor team.


Four things surprised me when I started working here.

  1. Office culture. I expected yelling, stress, unachievable deadlines, and maybe a few all nighters. Instead, I got open communication, clearly outlined expectations that reduced (and basically eliminated) stress, and great working hours. I can work from home when I need to, which is a tremendous perk (and it means more cuddle time with kittens who are pretty good at voicing valuable feedback in word docs like “xjsxxxjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj5”). It’s important to work in an office where you feel like you’re a valued team member whose voice is heard. I don’t just clock in, work, and clock out. I’m part of a team, and we work together, bouncing around ideas until they’re perfect. It’s not the copywriting team vs. the graphic design team vs. the marketing team vs. production team vs. client relations team. It’s everybody working together towards common goals. And it works.
  2. The Beer. This girl loves her brews, so you can imagine how excited I was the first time I opened our refrigerator at the office and found it fully stocked with beer. My excitement only grew when I had my first office meeting and was offered a Rahr before we began. It’s a marketing agency thing, evidently. You won’t find me complaining!
  3. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Since working here, I’ve had the opportunity to branch out. In addition to copywriting, I’ve gotten to try my hand at content creation, digital + inbound marketing, and social media. When I got my upgrade from “intern” to “hired employee”, my official title got an upgrade too. Now I’m the “copywriter + social media coordinator”, and I ain’t mad. It turns out that in marketing, everything is so deeply intertwined, it’s really pretty important to have a solid understanding of all areas of marketing, even those that you aren’t involved in. The more you know, the better you are at your job. Knowledge is power, and all that.
  4. Anchor is a small but powerful team. This is going to sound braggy, but I promise I wasn’t forced to write this (I came up with it all by myself, thank you very much). Based on the amount of clients we work with and the quality and quantity of work we produce, I expected the team to be much larger. In reality, because each employee is so darn good at what they do, we’re actually on the smaller side. Walking in on my first day here, I couldn’t believe how much was being achieved by so few people. Go team!


Here I am, one year down at Anchor Marketing & Design. Here’s to the next!

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