You’ve heard the old adage, “the cobbler’s children have no shoes.”  Well, there is so much truth in that. Too much truth.

As creatives, we get so nerdy about all of our clients and projects, that we tend to forget about ourselves. We put ourselves on the back burner so that we can pour every drop of creative juices into the clients’ vessel, and then we nerd out on the next project.

It’s a vicious cycle that coined a new adage, “The creative agency has no creative.” and that is NOT acceptable!

To solve that reoccurring problem, we developed a plan that would guarantee precious time to be spent on the client that ensures more clients: us!

Our plan was simple, yet robust. We would create a very detailed production and editorial calendar that included dedicated time for our team, thus Anchor Friday was born!  Yes, we spend a whole work day improving, creating, bonding, laughing, brainstorming, planning and storytelling, and it has strengthened every aspect of business. It’s proved to be ultra-efficient, allowing all of us to gather ideas and questions to cover at once, and focus on our clients without distraction.

Creating, and more importantly, consciously maintaining a strong, solid foundation to stand on is a powerful tool for creativity and efficiency.

So, if you find that you don’t spend enough quality time on your projects or company, consider giving yourself dedicated time each week to concentrate on you!

-Team Anchor