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[one_fourth_last] POP QUIZ! What do you think is the most important part of making a video?

A) the writers B) the actors C)The director D)the editors or E) All of The Above

I have worked on a variety of productions and the ones that have gone well are the ones where everyone has worked well together. No one tried to pull rank on another crew member, no actors demanded room temperature water; everyone had the same goal in mind. Making a great video.

The video is the most important aspect of making a video.

No matter who is involved the most important thing is the video getting made. Whether it be a film, tv show, or commercial the end product is what matters most.

It always slows down the production when anyone involved with the video makes the whole thing about them and not the project. If you’re working for the best interest of yourself, then you’re working AGAINST the project. That’s how you end up going over time, over budget and oftentimes fired.

Video projects, and most things in life, work better when people work together. Don’t you think?

-Ricky Anderson II