[half_last] BJ_Trena_Christmas

As a kid, I can recall times when I told my mom that she  “didn’t understand me” or “didn’t understand what I was going through”.   Although we hadn’t gone through the exact same situation, she had insight as to what was going on and was able to offer her wisdom.  What I didn’t know back then, was that she was guiding me through obstacles and trials she had already experienced in order to make my life better.  Mom’s are good like that. They want you to flourish.

When I think about it, it’s similar to how our agency operates.  We care for, and invest in, the brands we represent because we want to see them be successful.  Drawing from the same type of wisdom my mom imparted on me (albeit not nearly as wise), I do my part to learn from experiences in order to help drive our team and brands to their goals.

By approaching situations this way, our team is able to help guide companies and optimize their success because of the obstacles and trials we’ve run into.  It saves our clients time, money and resources.  It’s called experience and it’s invaluable!  Of course other factors contribute too, like trust, seeing eye-to-eye, and respect – but we first get there through our extensive experience.

I was inspired by my mom and the recent Mother’s Day festivities to write my post, because just like my my mom wanted for me, I want the best for the brands we help create.  Thank you, Mom, for your guidance and perspective to help me make the best decisions possible.  Happy belated Mother’s Day to you and all of the mothers out there!

P.S. Mom, I’ll pick up the leaves one day.