[one_fourth_last] “Don’t Forget to Be Awesome.”
The Vlog Brothers

June 26th, 2014 marks the 5th annual event know as VidCon. VidCon is one of my favorite places to be on earth, because it takes so many of the wonderful things about online video and puts it right in front of you!

I will be there to A) Meet up and hang out with my friends B) Learn from other amazing online video creators. And C) Meet up and hang out with my online friends.

My biggest take away from VidCon every year is how powerful personal interactions are. Keeping in touch with people online is great, but nothing beats being able to hang out with people in person. It’s an amazing experience unlike any other and is one of the many reasons I buy my tickets the DAY they go on sale every year.

If you’d like to follow along on my VidCon adventure you can follow me on twitter and instagram, where I’ll be tweeting about geeking out and taking pictures of myself geeking out.

In addition to geeking out I will be on the < famous panel on Saturday and I am beyond excited!

-Ricky Anderson II